Driving Instructor Franchise

Need a car and a looking for a driving school franchise?

Get Your Reward With An Andy1st Franchise 

Starting a franchise with Andy1st means taking control of your career.

You’re probably already an approved driving instructor, but perhaps you think it’s time for a change? Perhaps you don’t feel appreciated? Or maybe you just want the financial reward you deserve.

Whatever the reason, starting a franchise with us can be an exciting and profitable way to get more out of the skill you have worked hard to gain

So if you’re looking to take the next step with your career, then starting an Andy1st franchise is the perfect way to do it. 

How We Help To Build Your Business 

By teaming up with Andy1st driving school you can start your own franchise business quickly and easily.

We will give you everything you need to get up and running smoothly, and our experienced team will be with you every step of the way.

We will deal with the marketing and send you a steady supply of pupils.  On top of that, you’ll always be able to manage your own time and lesson schedule.

You will be fully backed up online and offline by our team. We have office staff who will manage calls, queries and even take calls for lesson booking.

So you getting a complete package from us. This isn’t some take a load of money from you and then lets you wither and die scheme.

The formula we have in place to develop you as a franchisee is well tested and we are very proud of it, and we are confident that once you understand the benefits you’ll be able to see exactly why so many instructors are choosing us. 

Key Benefits At A Glance 


  • No charge for new pupils
  • Guaranteed minimum of 50 booked pupils per year
  • Zero hidden charges relating to pupils


  • Professionally designed website and content
  • Search engine optimised content for your franchise area
  • Advert placed on yell.com, the leading Internet business directory
  • Advert placed on all major driving school directories
  • Ongoing advertising on social media such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Free leaflets designed, printed and delivered to you for distribution


  • Admin and booking support from our team
  • Unlimited contact with us for advice
  • Free CDP and Chesk test training

Additional benefits:

  • Start-up pack and personalised stationery
  • No decal and top box costs
  • Up to 4 weeks holiday per year
  • No contract, just four weeks notice required

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I want to be a franchisee in an area you have no Google rankings for?

We have our own dedicated web design and search engine optimisation team. Wherever you want to work, we will build a website and do the online marketing to get you to the top of the rankings and generating enquiries.

What areas do you cover?

We have a presence in many areas already, but can set up a new franchise for you anywhere in Great Britain or Ireland.

What happens if you already have instructors in my area?

We only ever set up multiple instructor franchises in a single area if we are confident the pupil bookings are there.

Do your franchise instructors work the hours they want?

Yes they do. You have full flexibility around the hours you work. If you would like some confirmation of this, we can supply phone numbers of existing franchise instructors who will be happy to talk you through how they work.

How long will it take for me to be fully booked?

This is a difficult question to answer so let’s give you a couple of examples. We have set up instructor franchises in Birmingham and filled their booking diaries in just two days. However, in the small town of Lydney it took two weeks to achieve this. It really does depend on how saturated your area is with instructors, and how dense the population is.

Are there any upfront costs?

We do ask for a one-off payment of £100. This helps us to cover initial admin costs so that we do not lose out should an instructor back out.

How would I get out of my contract with you?

There is no contract. We have terms and conditions that both parties abide by. If you want to walk away you just have to give four weeks notice. That’s it.

What happens if you can’t send me enough pupils?

Honestly, we have never had that situation. Sometimes it can take a bit of time, if for example the area has a lot of driving instructors or is rural, but within a few weeks we have always managed to deliver full-time numbers of pupils. We do have contingency options that we can put in to action should a pupil deficit situation look like it is developing.

Are the lesson prices fixed?

We have a regional pricing structure that is researched against the local competition. This allows us to be competitive but consistent.

Do I decide the area I want my franchise to cover?

Have a chat with us about the areas you would like to work in. We usually work with postcode areas.

How Much Does An Andy1st Franchise Cost? 

We have worked really hard to create a franchise opportunity that is powerful, affordable and well supported.

Our infrastructure allows us to quickly get you up and running, wherever you are in the country, and offer you the best chance of building a long-term driving tuition business that removes a lot of the barriers you would face on your own.

We understand you have a life and we build close ties with our franchise instructors. That’s why we work hard for you, because we want you to build trust in us and reciprocate.

So it’s an opportunity for both parties, and we have made it as affordable and flexible as possible.

Option 1: Instructor with their own car. From £65 per week.

Option 2: Instructor with us supplying car.  From £135 per week.

Option 3: Part time instructor with own car. From £40 per week.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee pupil bookings within limited part-time hours.)

We Are Proud To Work With PDI’s

If you are a potential driving instructor then we have a long track record in helping to make a move into the industry a success.

Depending on the option you choose when you apply for a trainee licence, we can offer the following attractive support:

If you choose option one we will sponsor you. Alternatively we can sponsor you and also team you up with an experienced instructor in your area who will train you.

If you choose option two then we will train you, by pairing you up with local members of our current instructor team.

So if you are a potential driving instructor looking to get some support and start your career more quickly, then call us or message us to find out more.

Take The Opportunity To Start Your Franchise Now 

Will full backing from us you have a great chance of creating a high earning, full time driving tuition business in as little as a few weeks.

You don’t have to worry about marketing yourself, where the pupils are coming from, legal issues, or even buying and maintaining a car.

We are so confident that you will love teaming up with us that we don’t try and tie you in to a long-term contract. If you’re not happy, just tell us and walk away with four weeks notice. We think that’s pretty fair, and demonstrates the confidence we have in our abilities to create a great opportunity for you.

Wherever you want to start your franchise driving tuition business, give us a call or send as a message via the website for an informal chat.