Here at Andy1st we have been supplying instructor cars for over 8 years through our network of dealers and finance companies. In that time we have learnt a lot from listening to our pupils and our instructors. We have thoughtfully chosen the cars we have added to the fleet and developed a maintenance programme which is second to none. Our driving instructors do not simply use their car to get from one pupil to the next, it’s their livelihood and it’s the first impression customers get of our company.

Finding the right car can be tricky but with our helpful network to guide you through a wide range of payment options and car choices, you’ll soon be on the road with complete peace of mind. Many of our instructors have looked at buying their own cars as well as the leasing option and many more instructors are choosing the hassle free leasing option now. Why? Well here are some reasons.

You can change your car every 2 years or even shorter if required. This ensures the car is still working to its maximum potential and remains in a good condition. The risk of the car being involved in an accident is reduced and whilst it’s still relatively new, the chances of it incurring breakdown or servicing costs vastly decrease too. By these factors being eased, we can keep the monthly rental payments at an incredibly competitive rate. So, you’re practically driving a new car with incredible signage for as long as you remain with us.

Buying a car outright requires the lump sum funds there in the first place together with all the associated costs involved when buying a car. The car will depreciate as all new cars do so it’s questionable whether you’ll ever make any money back on the car. We are aware that the car will never belong to you if you lease from us but all the stress, unforeseen repair bills and breakdown worry will be eliminated. A huge benefit to leasing for driving instructors is that if things don’t work out, you have a change of career or you retire then you can simply return the car at the end of the period offering great flexibility.

Our network will help you budget effectively and be on hand to offer advice and expertise on which car and payment method would suit you. We pride ourselves on providing support and care to our instructors every step of the way and helping you choose the car you can afford and that suits your needs is just one of the ways we do this. We have an enviable number of different packages which all include fabulous vehicles complete with signage.

We acknowledge that instructor vehicles can accrue fairly high mileage amounts and so by leasing you don’t have to worry about trying to sell a car that has above average mileage. You can simply change it when your lease period is up.

We are a friendly, committed and supportive company who are well established across the country. Our service is of an excellent standard. We believe that taking out one of our leasing packages will allow our customers the freedom and flexibility to get on with what they are good at – teaching people to drive. By removing the hassle, time constraints and financial worry, our customers have the capacity to earn more money and generate more business simply because they don’t have the extra worry of running a car! We can personalise a leasing package just as we personalise our driving tuition enabling us to treat everyone as individuals and cater for specific needs.

Please feel free to call us any time for further information about our leasing options.