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Driving instructor car leasing, we offer some of the best deals and offers in the UK. No quibble, straightforward advice! Just have a look at our cars page to view our current deals.

Being a driving instructor has massive benefits from managing your own time to earning a substantial salary but buying and running a car is time consuming and can be expensive. So, our contacts offer driving instructors fantastic deal’s when leasing a learner vehicle. Leasing a car through us couldn’t be easier! We remove all of the hassle and stress usually associated with leasing a car and provide the instructors with a smooth, caring and efficient transition. Here at we pride ourselves in delivering first class service to our customers and exceptional support for the foundations of their business

We strongly believe that providing our customers with a complete package benefits them and their pupils. The cars provided all have dual controls and are stylish, safe and well maintained weather new or second hand. The instructors and cars are the face of their business and as we know, first impressions count. We have a wide range of vehicles available to suit your needs and budget. The tax and servicing is included in the monthly leasing fee so you won’t have to worry about those things. If the car needs any maintenance, again, we will arrange and pay for that to be done as long as you choose the fully maintained contract. This leaves you time to get on doing what you’re good at – teaching people to drive. Removing the extra jobs will save you time and money in future in addition to removing the stress things like this tend to create.


Benefits of Dual Control Car Rental/leasing

•Budgeting for your ADI/PDI lease hire – for as little as £199.91 per month you could be driving around in one of the leasing options. Your monthly fee may include tax, servicing, breakdown cover and repair costs (fully maintained option). We understand the frustration caused when a learner vehicle is off the road for any length of time. There’s a risk to your earnings and to your reputation. By taking out one of the payment options there will be no need to worry about huge unexpected repair bills or lost income due to maintenance. Interestingly, if you are VAT registered you can also claim the VAT amount back from your monthly rental fee.

•No lump sum – as you are leasing the car, there will be no need for a large initial lump sum in order to purchase a car for you to teach in. By leasing one you simply only have to budget for your monthly fee. You won’t need an amount of money to pay for tax or servicing to get it on the road either.

•Replacement car – if your car requires any repair work, our dealer network will arrange for that to be done and paid for as part of your monthly fee. You will have peace of mind knowing that there will be no unforeseen repair bills but you’ll also have the reassurance of having a replacement vehicle so that you won’t lose business and earnings.

•Reliability – when you lease through the network of dealers, you can continue to work with ease. Simply set up your chosen weekly payment package and the rest will be done for you.

•Short term leasing – if you already have your own car but it is off the road for whatever reason, you can still benefit from one of our amazing deals. Perhaps it’s in for one day for servicing or perhaps it’s off the road longer due to repair work – don’t panic! We are there to help with those little emergencies and help you stop losing potential income and future business.